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    Dill & Lemon Mayonaise

    This very simple, yet delicious mayonnaise works well with anything. In particular fish. It’s so easy to make, but the flavours really do pack a punch. It’s fresh and creamy and really makes a difference to a simple meal with almost no effort at all.I made it to go with the salmon and asparagus meal we had for dinner. I adore the flavour of dill.This recipe, as many of my recipes are, was an accident. I’d bought the dill for a chicken recipe I cooked earlier in the week. For the salmon, I tried to make a hollandaise which split…

  • https://nataliefaye.co.uk/comforting-gluten-free-meatloaf-recipe
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    Comforting Meatloaf-Gluten-free/Healthy

    A Healthier adaptation of the hearty Meatloaf When I am in need of something comforting, filling and wholesome, but want to stay on a healthy track this delicious, traditionally German, hot meal is a winner every time. It’s Gluten-free, so…

  • Easter Treat Box

    Easter Treat Boxes

    Everywhere you look right now there is wall to wall Easter eggs, Bunny’s, Mini eggs and hot cross bun galore. The same as last year and the year before that.I love chocolate as much as the next person ( maybe…

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    Cucumber Chive Dip

    This dip really is quite as simple as it sounds but absolutely divine. I created the dip while trying to make a traditional Tzatziki, to go with the meatball taco’s, however, when I opened the fridge I was missing 2…

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    Persimmon and Fig Upside-down cake

    On my quest to experience all things interesting and different, I came across a persimmon fruit in the supermarket! I’m sure it’s not that unusual and I have seen them before but never tried them. I absolutely love to try…

  • Pumpkin porridge
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    Pumpkin & Pecan Porridge Recipe

    Stay with my folks. Pumpkin porridge really is delicious and has a delicious sweet taste of autumn. When I made it I was just honestly experimenting and had very little faith in the flavour but once put together I was…