About me

Welcome to my blog. I really hope you enjoy reading the insights to my crazy mind and following on a journey through my wonderful world. 

In my blog, we will talk about all aspects of life, health and wellness, food and Recipes, kids and parenthood, exercise, trips and holidays, home-style, life hacks and probably a few things that just really bug me in life. All the things that friends gas about! 

I decided to become a blogger because I love writing. More to the point…… Talking. 

I always when I find in a conversation with someone I have sooo much to say whether it’s interesting or not … too much some might say!

 I’m a real talker and just feel the overwhelming need to share it with the world ..you lucky things you. 

I discovered my love for writing one evening when I was bored. Boredom, as we all know, can be a great motivator. 

People who are bored either get up to real mischief ( the kid at the back of the class sticking chewing gum in the hair of the girl in front)  but can also create some really wonderful things.

 Pizza scissors – Obviously – Genius! A product of boredom 

 I think now I wonder how many of the beautiful, and genius creations in our world came about just because someone was a bit ……. Bored! 

That is genuinely what happened to me.

 One evening ( or Once upon a time, If you will)  I had done all the cleaning had a nice relaxing bath and looking forward to an evening in, alone. 

I started watching TV the programme I thought was going to be on ( I think it was Celebs go dating – don’t judge it’s my  Guilty pleasure ) I’m still a strong, intelligent, woman! 

So as I’m sure you’ve guessed it wasn’t on. I picked up my kindle and read for a while. I didn’t realise how close to the end of the book I was. I was finished in half an hour, so spent the next half and an hour scrolling through kindle to find another page-turner to get stuck into but nothing tickled my fancy …. By around 8 pm I was so annoyed my cosy and relaxing evening in was just not panning out, in fact, I was stressed and bored. 

So in a slight rebellion fueled by annoyance, I opened up my laptop and started writing, thinking ‘sod it’  if I cant find a book I like I will write my own!

Well, the next time I looked at the clock it was 2 am. I couldn’t believe it. I had started on a whim and ended up with a start to a novel, notes for the rest, character names and a plot. I decided it was time to drag my self of to bed but couldn’t sleep so ended up getting back up writing till 5 am. and the next day ideas were whizzing around my head so fast and so vivid it was exciting, exhilarating intense, overwhelming and a little scary all at the same time. I have never in my life experienced anything like it. I couldn’t wait to get back to my laptop and write again. I went to work and found myself in the loo sending my self a long email containing the next chapter of the book and writing notes on a pad on my desk.

A year later I have finished a whole novel. 

Now this novel is not yet published. It is still with an editor and being dyslexic she has got her work cut out of her. So the process is going to take some time. if it took harry potter 17 attempts ( random stat from google, apologies JK if that’s incorrect ) then I’m looking at 100017 attempts for my tantrum induced romance novel. but I have my finger, toes and ……eyes crossed that its a winner 

So that’s how I got the writing bug .. After that, I wanted to see if there was a way that I could continue to write and earn a living while I work on another novel and wait to see if I can get the first one published. and while I was hunting for jobs that I thought may suit I discovered blogging. I always had an interest in it but thought it was just something people did for fun, and although it always been on my list of thing to do never imagined you could actually make a living and make it part of your actual life and career. I love to read blogs, I follow, Forever Amber, The Londoner, ………. And I’ve even dug out the archives of Megan Markle’s, Tig to read. And once I started researching and tapping away on my keyboard I was hooked the Opportunites on the web are endless sharing life hacks, recipes life experiences and stories, children ( of which I have 2 ) Fashion advice ( of which I have 0)  I’m more excited about this path than I ever have been in my life bar my two beautiful munchkins. And my brother is a web developer .. so that helps. 

So here it is !!! Enjoy and welcome to my journey