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    Dill & Lemon Mayonaise

    This very simple, yet delicious mayonnaise works well with anything. In particular fish. It’s so easy to make, but the flavours really do pack a punch. It’s fresh and creamy and really makes a difference to a simple meal with…

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    Comforting Meatloaf-Gluten-free/Healthy

    A Healthier adaptation of the hearty Meatloaf When I am in need of something comforting, filling and wholesome, but want to stay on a healthy track this delicious, traditionally German, hot meal is a winner every time. It’s Gluten-free, so…

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    Cucumber Chive Dip

    This dip really is quite as simple as it sounds but absolutely divine. I created the dip while trying to make a traditional Tzatziki, to go with the meatball taco’s, however, when I opened the fridge I was missing 2…

  • Pumpkin porridge
    Healthy,  Recipes

    Pumpkin & Pecan Porridge Recipe

    Stay with my folks. Pumpkin porridge really is delicious and has a delicious sweet taste of autumn. When I made it I was just honestly experimenting and had very little faith in the flavour but once put together I was…

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    3 Bean Falafel

    When I plan my meals for the day I tend to think about it quite strategically. That’s why this 3 Bean Falafel recipe is such a recurring lunch in my house I like to be as healthy as I can…

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    The Perfect Poached Egg- PPE!

    I hate to blow my own trumpet, but my poached eggs are actually legendary, (Among my close friends and family, so about 5 people that I may have possibly cooked a poached egg for!) I actually broke up with an…

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    Scrambled Wrap

    These scrumptious scrambled egg wraps are not only nutritious and delicious they are super quick and easy to make and you can even eat them on the go. When thinking about getting the best fuel in the morning, Whilst weighing…

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    Meatball soup

    Who knew! This meatball soup invented by my 9-year-old son is to die for. So much so that I fully believe it is completely blog-worthy, and I don’t let any old random stuff make it to the blog. If I…