Cereal is not a breakfast food! – What we eat instead.

“But it’s called Breakfast cereal” I hear you say.
Well let me tell you why I think it’s the worst food for Breakfast

I’m a strong believer that food is fuel.

Breakfast is the very first thing you put into your body.
Your first opportunity to start your body off with the fuel it needs to carry you through the day. It makes sense that that first meal is as nutritious and fuel packed as possible.

More importantly, why on earth would you want to use your entire sugar allowance for the day. Leaving you no room for any treats for the rest of the day.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate cereal and it isn’t that bad for you. If you are sensible. lots of people maintain a healthy diet and include it regularly.

I would prefer to have a bowl of cereal as an occasional treat in the evening, as a snack or even a pudding option.- at that point in the day, you know how much sugar and carbs you have consumed and are more able to make it a healthy choice. On my birthday I ALWAYS buy myself a box of coco pops or as a start to a treat in a hotel. There can be a place for cereal I just don’t think that place is right at the start of your day

As a teenager, I was partial to a big bowl of Coco Pops or Crunchy Nut Cornflakes before I went out in the evening. Not the healthiest choice or most filling. My reason was, It didn’t make me feel bloated, it was quick to prepare, and I didn’t end up with garlic breath.
I would always feel starving halfway through the night and would end up with a big greasy kebab or buy one get one free Dominoes on the way home.

Set out on the right vibe and it will carry you through the day. There are so many more nutrient-packed and tastier options available theses days.

If I have a bowl of cereal for breakfast I will usually be starving hungry again by 9.30 – 10 am.
If I eat something more substantial, I can easily last until at least 12-1.

The portion size recommended for a bowl of cereal is 30 grams. I can guarantee most people have never weighed a bowl of cereal in their life. For that reason, they are easily eating several portions in one sitting. Also, if you look at the sugar and nutrients content in your bowl of cereal. This is based on a single portion.

I showed a friend What 30g of cereal looked like and they were astonished!

Most people, men especially, fill the bowl to the top and add the milk accordingly.
One big bowl can usually hold around 3 to 4 portions of the recommended daily amount. Not to mention the sugar and salt content.

An adult’s daily sugar recommendation is 30gs. A bowl of granola has around 12g per bowl. That’s half your daily allowance gone in one hit if you only have one portion.

When my children have any type of cereal, except porridge oats, they get hyperactive. It took me a long time to realise.
All parents joke about how stressful mornings are, so I thought it was just- you know – ‘kids’.
My mornings were actually particularly stressful until I realised what was causing them to become so difficult.

One particular week we didn’t have cereal until Friday ‘( coz Mumma was feeling lazy that day).
I noticed they totally lost their sh*t. From then I started to see a pattern. I tested it a few times with different varieties and all of them sent them loopy. It was defiantly the cereal!
Each time, I would leave them at the school gate, fresh out of an argument, feeling guilty as hell that we’ve started out the day on a neg’.

I’ve always struggled with food and sugar. Even after one bowl, I will feel an uncontrollable urge for more. Over the years I have noticed a lot of people are the same. Especially if you suffer from any kind of eating disorder. Most cereals will trigger this and if you are one of these people having cereal at the start of the day is setting yourself up for a fail.choosing to have something less sugary and carb-dense will help to control cravings and allow you to access the part of the brain able to make those healthy choices.

If you are trying to lose weight Such a small amount has such a huge calorific impact. So having one extra bowl can send you over your calorie intake for the whole day.

What we eat for breakfast-

Eggs !

Eggs, Fruit, nuts, oats and vegetables – This might sound really boring but once you have got a few really good recipes up your sleeve that you can vairy though-out the week and maybe include a treat or luxury breaky at the weekend. I promise it will really work for you and you won’t even have to think about it.

Eggs are the ultimate leading breakfast ingredient. Packed with protein, filling and you can literally put them with anything and do anything with them.

Another mum once looked shocked when I said we had eggs in the morning and asked how the hell I had time. It takes no longer than most other breakfasts. – To be fair she was rocking a full face of makeup, blow-dried hair, and freshly pressed suit for work and I was in my Gym outfit pretending I was about to work out when really I just didn’t get time to get ready – sooooooo!
(Good trick tho, amiright?)

I keep my eggs next to the cooker ready grab. I fill the kettle then get the butter from the fridge when I get the milk for coffee. It’s already really quick to access.

Scramble Eggs Once you’ve done it a few times you will pick up your quickest way.
If I’m being really lazy I literally throw eggs butter and milk and some thyme or oregano in a pan and start whisking and heating at the same time.
It’s ready before he kettle is boiled. No need for bread just chuck it on a plate.

Scrambled wrap – Click the link for my recipe for the best and quickest Scrambled egg wraps.
If I’ve made Scrambled eggs and haven’t had time to eat it, I put it in a wholemeal wrap or pitta pocket fold up the bottom so it doesn’t all fall out and we eat them on the way to school like a takeaway. They are particularly nice in a wrap with some fresh herbs – dry if you don’t have fresh and a bit of cheese melted in for extra protein.

Poached Eggs on toast a winner. I have these most days, either for breakfast or lunch ~It is especially nice on seeded bread.
Check out my take on how to make the ultimate perfect Poached Egg.

Omelette. This takes a bit more effort to cook than scrambled or poached eggs. The simplest way in the morning is to have everything next to each other in the fridge. You don’t have to rummage around . deciding what to have when you wake up. Decide the night before. Put it all on the self, or on chopping board in the fridge, so you can just pick up the chopping board take it to your kitchen counter and away you go.

Frittata Made the day before or Spanish omelette, you could make this in the morning. I make it the day before and have a cold in the morning. You could even make a large one and have portions for the week.

My favourite Breakfast is – Greek yoghurt with berries and a drizzle of maple syrup. although we’re adding sugar maple syrup has a much slower Gi than refined sugar so it will fuel slower and you won’t have so much of a sugar rush or downer and need for more when it wears off.
Add a few chopped nuts for a topping as well for a bit of crunch and extra protein and nutrients. I don’t usually get chance for much of a mid-week shop so I tend to have this for the first few days after shopping day so the berries and yoghurt are still fresh than for the last half of the week switch to …

Overnight oats – There are so many great overnight oat recipes online, and even to follow on Instagram. Use all the same filling as I do for my greek yoghurt but just in oats instead. the limits are endless, Milk options, fruit – frozen fresh tinned, nuts

Homemade peanut butter energy ball a banana and coffee. If I am in a rush I often have one of these in the fridge ready to go they are so easy to make wrap individually in a little foil and keep in the section of your fridge where the eggs are supposed to go.

I make mine using either peanut or almond butter
A bag of mixed dried fruit
A bag of mixed dried nuts
A few tablespoons of mixed seeds.
Some maple syrup
and sometimes I will have some sort of nutritious blend in the cupboard like flaxseed, chia seeds or Maca powder. If you use protein powder you can throw some of that in too.

Throw the oats in the blender and give them a blitz first to make them a little finer.
Add everything else and blend until you have a sort of doughy consistency that will roll into balls. If it’s too dry add more peanut butter or a little coconut oil. If it’s too wet add more oats it doesn’t matter if you have some chunky ones.

Shape into golf ball-sized balls and roll in some spare oats to coat the outside to stop them sticking. wrap them individually in foil or cling film to grab and go.

Beans on toast– These do carry a bit of sugar but they also contain a lot ao protein so for a breakfast it’s so much more filling pop them on some wholemeal toast and a sprinkle of cheese. It will really fill you up. double protein and slow-burning carbs and one of your 5aday.

Something on toast that isn’t full of sugar. We have pate, Marmite, Nut butter either peanut or almond. or a combo of the two. cheese, beans, avocado, toasted banana and honey humous and carrot.

protein pancakes. Now, these do take a bit more time so might be better for a weekend Which is why I have left it until last but they really are the best ever cheat breakfast there are recipes for different versions. They really feel like your being naughty and they are totally guilt-free.


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