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Comforting Meatloaf-Gluten-free/Healthy

A Healthier adaptation of the hearty Meatloaf

When I am in need of something comforting, filling and wholesome, but want to stay on a healthy track this delicious, traditionally German, hot meal is a winner every time.

It’s Gluten-free, so I have used millet in place of the bread crumbs to achieve the same binging element, you could use G-F breadcrumbs if you prefer. It’s packed with veggies and fresh herbs to even out the meat content and give divine moisture and flavour in place of all of those processed, high salt and sugar sauces often used in meatloaf. All in all its completely Guilt free and a clever way of getting a few extra plants into small fussy eaters.

So here’s the recipe….


Pork and beef mince ( reduced fat if available) 750g
Eggs x 2
Millet flakes 4 Tbsp
Large Onion grated x 1
Rosemary (Dried if you don’t have fresh) 2 sprigs
Parsley 2 Tbsp
Sage 1Tbsp
Paprika 1 Tbsp
Carrots Grated x 1
Apple x 2
Salt and pepper


Put the minced pork and beef, millet and paprika in a large bowl.

Grate one large onion (Get your ski goggles on because this is a cry-er)

Pluck the leaves from the Rosemary stalk and finely chop together with the the Parsely and Sage.

Grate the Carrot and Apple

Beat the eggs in a cup.

Add all the ingredietns to the bowl and mix thoroughly.

Season with salt and pepper

Line a loaf tin with foil, for easy removal, and leave enough on the edges to wrap over the top of the Meatloaf. Then tip the meatloaf mixture into the tin, press down and fold the foil over to cover the top while cooking

Cook in the oven on Gas mark 7, 425ºF, 220 ºC. for 45 minutes

Unwrap the top and continue to cook for a further 20 minutes, unitl cooked through with a golden top.

Serve with Mashed potatoes, Gravey and your favourtie veggies


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