Easter Treat Box

Easter Treat Boxes

Everywhere you look right now there is wall to wall Easter eggs, Bunny’s, Mini eggs and hot cross bun galore. The same as last year and the year before that.
I love chocolate as much as the next person ( maybe more), but sometimes it’s nice to break from the usual traditions and think outside the ‘Egg’ box.

This year, instead of the usual; last-minute ‘ Supermarket sweep’ style shop, of throwing Easter eggs into a trolly in Tesco, while Checking names off a list, we crafted Easter egg treat boxes. They are really personal, and offer more charm than the common or garden Chocolate Easter egg. You can make them as generous or low- cost as you choose and they will always be hugely appreciated by whoever receives it.
Honestly, it’s not that I don’t like Easter eggs, but I defiantly resent spending £10 or more on a present that is primarily sugar and calories.
Let’s face it, we have all usually eaten a good few eggs or easter related treats before good Friday even arrives.

These little boxes are such a lovely way to show you have put some real thought into your gift. You can make them really personal and show someone you know them well. Another advantage is that you can avoid the overconsumption of sugary treats if you wish to.

Here’s what you need;

They are really easy to make. To start with, of course, you’ll need an empty egg box. You can use any size depending on the number of items you want to put in it. I use a 6 egg box for an individual and 12 egg box for a couple Ie) Gran and Grandad.

Peel off any stickers on the box.

Choose your paints. We use acrylics, as it gives a little protection to the box. If you want a bit of extra shine you can mix in some PVA glue to the paint.
If your working with young children I’d advise a non-toxic craft paint suitable for little hands.


Start by choosing one colour and painting the inside of the box. Pastel colours are great for easter. Look for yellow’s pinks, and greens. Depending on the paint, it may need a couple of coats, but as egg boxes are particularly porous it soaks in the paint well, leaving a nice finish. once painted Leave the inside to dry before painting the outside

Next choose a different colour paint for the outside of the box. Apply one coat leave to dry and apply another if needed.

Easter Egg


While the paint is drying make some name labels for the top of the box and inside the lid. You can do this in any way you like. We were going to print ours, but our printer ran out of inc. The children’s handwritten labels on coloured paper are a lovely touch.

We’ve used ready-printed paper ( again, because we had some lying around) but if you’re feeling artistic you could paint some flowers of your own and label them accordingly.
For the label inside the box, you can simply write Happy Easter, or even a heartfelt note or poem.

When all the paint is dry add some embellishments to the box. We’ve used pearl stickers and some pastel coloured tassels, but you really can use what you like. Have a look on amazon for small embellishments or a shop like the works or craft isle in the supermarket.


Once it’s decorated it is time to fill your boxes. Basically, fill it with really small gifts. Egg-shaped things work well for example Egg-shaped candles. Mini Easter eggs, and Easter decorations

Other items to fill your Easter box;

Lip balms
Cress eggs
Tubs of hand cream
Mini dental floss ( a personal fav’)
Mini liqueur
Homemade Biscuits or truffles.
Bath bombs
Wax melts
Story cards or stones
Mini cupcakes
Hot chocolate packets or tea bags
Mini preserve

You could add a theme to your Easter box ;

Small egg variety box:

You could include treats like; Lindt eggs, Cadbury Cream egg, Caramel egg, Reeces, Kinda egg, Galaxy etc.

Religious Box:
To remind us of the reason we celebrate Easter.

A baby box;
Add a Teething toy, some mini Sudocrem, rattle and toy, compresses flannel, cheese bites or healthy snacks.

Easter Afternoon tea;
The small compartments are perfect for posh teabags, macarons, mini cupcakes and hot cross buns.

Games box: Add dice, an egg timer, trivia cards or charades pictures. mini cards.

Grow your own micro-garden;
Add seeds, and compresses compost, mini pots, tweezers, plant makers


Story box

Pamper box

Including bath bombs candles, compressed flannel, face mask, lip balm etc ped egg.

Get creative and surprise someone this Easter

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