Winter Walk, muddy puddles, finding eggs and elves!

As there is literally Nothing else to do this Christmas other than walk. And we have done a LOT of walking. We’ve found some really good areas to roam around aimlessly to give us a short refreshing break from staring at our usual four walls.

We’ve enjoyed wandering aound our local streets admiring all the sparkly chrstmas lights and decadent festive decorations with the dog,- and sometimes the cat, who has starting following us and then freaks out because she doesn’t where she is, or find her way home.

carrying the car for an hour on our walk because we didn’t want to cut it short and take her home

Even though our four walls are decorated with as much Christmas as I can fit in each room. There is still only so much ‘inside’ we can tolerate.

A walk we have recently discovered is between Digswell and Tewin. The too really lovely area fronting lots of fields, walking pathways and farms.

We start our walk fin a little car park under the viaduct next to Digswell park road.
We start here because the horse field is just outside the car park. Ella is obsessed with all things horsey therefore we have to venture past them.

It usually takes a bit of an incentive to coaks her out on a long walk. The promise of a glimpse of horses usually does the trick.
Then she only moans for the next few miles ( everything past the horses).

The thing I love most about this particular walk passes Dawley wood farm. There is a large wooden stand Where the farmer is selling items from the farm.

There is always a selection of beautifully fresh Duck eggs. Other items such as wooden snowmen decorations to buy. Sometimes plants for sale. priced individually for passing walkers to purchase.

There is a small money tin for you to lave the money for your goods.

The route is stunning. Today the weather was a bit bleak and freezing cold. For most of it, it was like strolling through a cloud. (Hence the cloudy looking photo’s the sunny pictures are from another day but render the allure of the area)

The woods and fields seemed almost desolate. Although had a year peaceful vibe, still as beautiful.

As we progressed further into the walk there were signs of life. Runners, (Who came back up with a hot coffee- next mission, find the coffee) More dog walkers and families also bored of their own four walls. All courteously moved to the other side of the pathway nodding with a friendly greeting to politely social distance along the way.

The Farm also has a small spot the elf trail along the walk to collect money for breast cancer. Either beginning or end, depending on which way you walk it. There is a sign to scan with your phone to donate to the cause.

The walk we did today was around 2.5 miles. It can be as long as you want it and and joins on as part of the Welwyn Garden City centenary walk.

We always make sure we take enough change to buy some fresh duck eggs. The promise of a duck egg lunch and steamy hot chocolate when we get home makes yet another long walk much more appealing for the kids and turns into more of an adventure.

Today we decided to do dippy eggs with them. I have never actually had dippy duck eggs before. They really are a grade up from a supermarket chicken egg with a thick crusty slice. Excuse the messy plate we’d already started!