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Roquefort Fettuccine Alfredo- topped with crushed walnuts

Fettuccine Alfredo is possibly one of my favourite dishes ever. It’s so indulgent, cream, butter, pasta, cheese. I’m typing and dribbling at the same time at the thought! I did actually just have it for dinner hence the blog post.

I first time had this dish at ASK Italian, After shopping in Kingston upon the Thames. Then they did a Gorgonzola version topped with walnuts and this just took it to the next level.

Then I saw Jamie Oliver cook a similar thing on Friday night feast with Jamie and Jimmy featuring goldie horn.
So I thought I would try and recreate it. This doesn’t usually go to plan, it usually ends up being something edible sometimes really tasty but never ever exactly what I was trying to recreate, but I totally nailed it!

I was so proud, then stuffed. I ate way too much, – Bursting with pride! one might say

Given that the supermarket shelves are completely bare at the moment. The only cheese left on the shelf was Roquefort

So I gave it a go with this one, this time and it worked really well. The gorgonzola has a more creamy mellow flavour where the Roquefort has more of a bite with a more tangly flavour which works really well with the creme fraise.

It very much depends if you are watching the calories or not. The first time I made it I went all-in with the double cream and big dollop of butter.

If I always make it like this I would defiantly not be able to eat it as often as I’d like so here is my version with a bit less fat. I have swapped the cream for light creme fraise, butter for a lighter version, and actually, by using blue cheese instead of parmesan for the sauce, a little bit goes a really long way so you don’t need very much at all.


1 heaped tsp butter
a drizzle of oil to stop it burning
2 cloves of crushed garlic ( i use half a teaspoon of lazy garlic. coz I’m lazy)
2 tsp chopped parsley (dried is fine if that’s all you have
1tsp Roquefort or gorgonzola
3tbsp creme fraise
salt and pepper


Walnuts about 4 halves
grated parmesan
Fresh parsley


Put your pasta on. Always cook it according to the packet. I saw Gino de campo say on one of his programmes that you should always cook it for a minute less than the packet says from boiling.

Throw the butter garlic and if you’re using dried herbs the parsley in a pan,( if you are using fresh parsley add it in with the creme fraise)

Cook for a few minutes then add the cheese and until melted.

Once melted, add the creme fraise and if your using fresh parsley add it now.

Then cook until the creme fraise is heated through but not boiling.

When your pasta is cooked add it straight from the water using a pasta scoop.

Crush the walnuts and mix with some grated parmesan and some of the leftover parsley and sprinkle on top

viola – indulgence on a plate pour yourself a glass of chardonnay and enjoy


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